We’re the Wilders

Sarah and Brendan Wilder are two crazy kids who decided to try living on their own with a pottery studio in their basement! But ultimately, Wilder Art Studio is a couple of craftspeople who make — we draw, we paint, we illustrate, we macrame, we crochet, we weave, we sew, we sculpt, we throw, we trim, handle, glaze. If it is something that can be made with our hands, chances are, we make it! Our favorite thing is to be making — and since we happen to really like what we make (and Sarah has plenty of her own opinions on how homes should be decorated, arranged, styled!) we would love nothing more than to share our handmade creations with you!

This website serves as a platform for us to share our small batch, handmade goods with you. It also serves as a space for us to share with you the stories behind what we’re making, our influences and life goings-on that are affecting our processes and end products!

Thanks for checking out our site — we hope you enjoy!

The Wilders
Brendan, Sarah, Moe, Mabel, and Sam


Sister Sarah

Loves to be right. At any cost.


Commodore Brendan

Is almost never right (but he’s the creative talented one.)


Mobius Gwendolyn, the First of her Name

Otherwise known as Moe. Moe is (relatively) fat. Ph fat. She loves food and sleeping. She is also very sassy, brassy, bold and classy.


Misty Meadows Samwise Gamgee

Otherwise known as Sam (or Huh Duh Duh Duh to his friends). Sam likes walks and cuddling. He does not like being brushed. He enjoys a delicate kitty poo roca when he thinks no one is looking (but someone is always looking).


Maybe Mabel

She’s new, and she’s kind of a whiny brat right now. She is also kal;skdjf;a ci;alskdfa because she just walked over the keyboard.