Is this RAW clay???

Yes! And while pottery with no glaze on the exterior surface may seem unfit for use, rest assured! Our clay is fired to maturity and is guaranteed to be watertight, dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and ready for you to use! For food ware, a liner glaze is applied to make cleaning easier and to create a more durable surface for silverware to make contact with.

At Wilder Art Studio, we believe that leaving our pottery unglazed in areas showcases the beauty of the clay we use and is an integral part of the object’s intrigue.

Is this COLORED clay???

Yes! And while it may look alien, colored clay is quickly becoming a popular treatment for functional pottery! Additions of ceramic grade stains are combined with the purest porcelain to create vibrant surfaces.

All stains are guaranteed to be food safe.

The unglazed surface of colored porcelain has been polished and smoothed to create a satin surface that is pleasant on the hands as well as the eyes!


Will you make custom colored clay?

Due to the imprecise nature, and limited color of ceramic stains, custom coloring of clay is not an option. The material cost and expense of testing involved in achieving specific colors would make the overall price of the piece exorbitant. 

Colored clay is limited to the available hues shown in our gallery. New colors are added at the artists’ discretion and may only be available in limited runs.

Detail 4

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