At Wilder Art Studio, we believe in hard work and hand made. We believe in comfort and cozy, and in beautiful, well-crafted items that are used every day. We believe in integrity, loyalty, sustainability, and connection. We believe in shopping small and staying local. We believe that hand made objects enhance our every day lives, and that beauty should be found everywhere, from the simplest bowl to the most complex macrame wall hanging. We believe in beautifying home spaces, in nesting, in cultivating and curating an atmosphere of warmth, care, and love.

Our goal is to share our philosophy with our community and spread our vision to everyone!! We would love nothing more than to see more handmade items in every day use. We would love to see more people seeking out local craftspeople for their clothes, their kitchen ware, their decorations, their connections. And we want to be a part of making our vision a reality!